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Willpower Challenge Group

Fit 4 Life Willpower Group- 10wks!

Do you know how to Self-Regulate?🤐
Are you impulsive....knowing what to do, but still not doing it?😜

Have you lost and regained the same 10-60lbs, over and over, and over again?😲

Do you get bored?

Does Life happen?👀

Are you really living your best life...Compared to the best, healthiest version of you?❤️

🤔🤔What if weight loss/mgmt is like budgeting, investing, and a number of other things you had to learn as you got older? What if this is just .... lack of knowing how?



October 1st, MWF 5:45-7:30am.


You get coaching from Tiffany and Justin, a private Facebook group, meal plans, supplements and the F4L Diva Protein Bars and Cakes. You have ALL ACCESS CLASS PASSES FOR THE STUDIO.

This offer will not be made again, until 2019!


It’s a 10 week program. Payment is due on the 1st of each month. December is a reduced fee month.

On Site- $299


1. Willpower and Self control are housed in The Prefrontal Cortex, where the Executive Skills reside.🧠

2. I know how to manage, improve and support the Executive Skills in a uniquely integrative way.🤩

3. I’ve decided to funnel this knowledge to help people improve their health in the upcoming FIT 4 LIFE WILLPOWER CHALLENGE💪🏽!


You will learn:
1. What your strengths are, and how to play them up.
2. Your weaknesses and how to scaffold them.
3. How to have the WILL power to do what you need to meet your goals and the WON’T power, to prevent you sabotaging them.
5. You will receive an exercise and nutrition plan, the easy part.
You will of course learn how to challenge your thoughts and THINK-FIT.


email [email protected] with questions and SIGN UP to survive the holiday weight gain!


Required Book will be outlined during registration. Email [email protected] with any detailed program questions.

A Lifestyle, Not a Fad".                                                  

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