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Functional Nutrition & Naturopathy

The body is a holistic unit, and what is going in the body, impacts our mental health and well being. Specifically gut health impacts brain health. Gut inflammation by way of the vagus nerve, creates brain inflammation. Food is medicine, and but can also be toxic. Environment can be toxic, stress is toxic, and repair and detox are important. You can feel better, manage weight, reduce fat and cellulite,detox, improve energy, balance hormones, and improve digestion!  All are possible with addressing underlying causes of stress, addiction, adrenal fatigue, IBS, blood sugar problems, insomnia and more. Tiffany teaches Superwomen to Live-Fit with Happy Hormones and the Live- Fit program is about learning to Think, Eat, and Move in a healthy way.

 An interpretation session includes approximately a 40 page intake, a tongue and nail analysis, brain typing and general supplement recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and nutrition direction. 

Deep Dive adds on a deeper assessment that includes blood chemistry reporting and muscle testing if needed. 

Naturopathic Assessment

Interpretation Session 60 minutes-$150

Deep Dive Interpretation 90-120 minutes-$225.00-$300.00

Follow Up Sessions are 25 minutes -$75.00


Sound Familiar:

“I feel crazy, I can’t lose weight, I don’t feel right, but my doctor says I am fine!  Something isn’t right! Tiffany how  can you help me, if they can’t?”

“I’ve been stressed out, for so long, I’m done. I’m always exhausted!”

“I think I need a metabolic rehab! I used to always be lean, and have my weight under control, and now I just struggle”

“I was fine until the divorce.” “I was fine, until my family member passed.”

Details of services are below. Gather some information about yourself first though: Complete the following questionnaires:


Tiffany's Trained through the following organizations in Functional Nutrition, and Hormone Balancing. Tiffany's Nutrition Program: EAT-Fit






















































  has demonstrated compliance with G.S. 90-368, section 7, the statutory exemption governing weight control programs in North Carolina through the Dietetic Board of Nutrition. Tiffany is currently pursuing training as a classical Doctor of Naturopathy or N.D. Which she will complete in 2016.


































































































































































































































































































Functional Testing (here are FAQ's about the process from Kalish. Prices are not the same)
































































Consult 30 minute Quiz and Diet Review-$65 
1 Lab Interpretation Session 60 minutes-$195.00
1 Blood Chemistry Analysis 50 minutes-$125.00
1 Follow-up Lab Interpretation 30 minutes- $85.00
































































LABS: Adrenal Fatigue, Organic Acids (Detox), Gut Health (Parasites), Brain Balancing (Amino Acid Therapy)– INFO
































































Processing fee per lab, paid to labs is $175-$250 a test, FSA approved, HSA Reimbursable
































































KIT Fee-$27.50 *(6-12 nutrition & hormone coaching required)
































































































































Functional Nutrition Coaching  (4 Months)
































































Education on how to eat functionally, organically, and in a health building manner. Supplementation direction, and explanation, plus lifestyle changes are addressed. Nutrition program is 4 months. First is a 60 minute session, and then follow-up Biweekly 30 minute sessions. Natural health consultation is part of this program.

F4L Diva Slim Down- These programs are 2-4 weeks at a time, and run every month. They are an opportunity to cleanse, detox, and reboot the system. The dates change monthly. INFO

































































Please view the Fees page for pricing
































































Cash, paypal and all major credit cards accepted for payment.
































































Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, your prepayment is forfeited.
































































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