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Clinic Minute 
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Food Addiction?
Are you an emotional eater, a normal eater or a food addict?
Are you speaking up?!
assertiveness is a big part of your journey of managing food and mood. Learn how here!
It's a Lifestyle
It's all connected, learn more here!
Pain is motivation!
Learn how pain is necessary for change!
Lose weight with your thoughts! I want to help you learn to Think-Thin!!
Yes you can do this with the F4L Diva Slim Down!
You are what you think!
Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC explains.
It's Mental Health Awareness Month, learn more about Anxiety.
Helping Superwomen Live-Fit, with Happy Hormones
Tiffany connects the dots between Fat Loss Resistance, Food Intolerance and Feeling Stressed in this 55 minute presentation. You will see that it is all connected!
What about my Mood?
As an Integrative Therapist, the first thing that happens when I start to adjust the food part of my intervention, is fear! A typical client realizes that they have been using food to handle their feelings, when the terror sets in, because certain foods will be boxed out.
What is the difference between my services?
I offer Consulting, Coaching and Counseling, but how do you know which one is better for you.

I explain in this Clinic Minute update!
Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Mental Health
How do Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Mental Health Integrate? Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC, FDN, explains in this Clinic Minute update!
Advantages of Making Changes
What are the Advantages of making change? This technique will help you stay focused!
How do mental health and workout Wednesday have anything to do with each other? Watch the following video to find out!
This F4L Integrative Clinic Minute by Tiffany Brown-Bush LPC, FDN is about Gratitude. Many clients are frustrated, angry, or disappointed about their weight loss, ability overcome an eating disorder, or their addiction. An important step within their treatment process is a gratitude practice. This video talks about treatment, goal setting, therapy expectations and why gratitude matters.
Black or White Thinking
A common thinking trap is Black or White Thinking. This is also known as All or None Thinking. We unintentionally cheat our ability to experience a great deal of happiness, by engaging in this type of thinking. It's a type of viewing things, as either one way or the other. "A person is either ugly or beautiful!" "A person is either on program or not!"
Just say YES!!
I'm an Integrative Therapist which means that clients will not just discuss their rational and irrational thoughts, but also their lifestyle. Nutrition is a very important part of treatment, and requires accepting that changes are necessary. Client resistance to change must be overcome to reach goals...
What should I expect during a therapy session?
I am a Rational Living Therapist, and we are very concerned with irrational labeling. This explains why I may we disagree with the labeling that results from needing to use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders.  Many of these "diagnoses" actually are only labels for a set of behaviors. However, these labels often create a perception that the client "has" or "suffers from" a "disorder." 
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